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Wazi provides digital tools for counselors, counseling groups, NGOs and government

Some Use Cases

Refugee Counseling

NGOs and governments can easily manage beneficiaries and staff in inaccessable areas

Rapid Response

Governments or NGOs can quickly mobilize counselors to respond to emergencies across the region

Counselors and counseling groups

can digitally provide

employer-sponsored counseling

Employee Wellness

How it Works

  • Dashboards for therapist management

  • Track high-level metrics and program effectiveness

  • Communicate with and easily connect with beneficiaries digitally

  • Bookings management portal

  • Digitized impact tracking and reporting

For Organizations
For Beneficiaries
  • Connect anonymously to a counselor from any device 

  • Easy-to-manage bookings 

  • Receive follow-up activities from counselors

  • Get matched with appropriate professionals based on need

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