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  • What is Wazi Therapy?
    Wazi is a digital platform that provides high quality mental health tools designed and created for Africans, anytime anywhere. Today you can use the platform to connect and speak with a local professional therapist. Our purpose is to help you with your mental health journey.
  • How do I sign up for Wazi?
    It is very easy to sign up on Wazi! Go to and click ‘Create Account’. All we require is a valid email address.
  • How do I connect with a therapist?
    Connecting with a therapist on Wazi is very simple. Here are the five steps: Select ‘Book a Session’. Read about the Wazi therapists and their specialities Select your therapist of choice Select a time and date for your session (please note some therapists have a busier schedule than others) Proceed to payment You will receive reminders via SMS and/or email in the time leading up to your session.
  • Can I choose to be anonymous?
    Yes - you absolutely can! We respect your need for privacy. The purpose of the platform is to make you feel safe and comfortable. You can remain anonymous by using a nickname/pseudonym instead of your real name when creating your account. During your session, you can choose to keep your video off. It is up to you to share your name or go by your Wazi username. Our therapists are well versed with practising anonymous digital therapy.
  • Who are the therapists?
    Wazi has a diverse team of therapists on our panel, both clinical and counselling psychologists, with expertise and experience in different areas. Each therapist is registered with a governing body and adheres to the ethical guidelines under both Wazi and their registering body.
  • What issues can Wazi therapy address?
    Wazi therapists deal with a variety of areas including depression, anxiety, work and personal life stress, relationship issues, low self esteem, LGBTQ+ support, alcohol/drug dependency, grief and loss, trauma, and marriage and family. We are always expanding the areas we support, so if you do not see the type of therapy you are looking for, let us know at You can select the issue which you believe you are dealing with and filter the therapists accordingly.
  • What can I expect from a Wazi therapy session and how can I prepare?
    We do understand your first session can feel daunting. Please trust us when we say it is there for your benefit and all our therapists’ job is to make you feel safe and comfortable. It is a professional and helpful experience. To prepare for a live talk therapy session, we recommend you find a quiet place where you can speak freely and without distractions. You may also want to set aside 10-15 minutes before your session time, to relax and prepare your mind to make full use of your conversation with the therapist.
  • What are the technical requirements for the online session?
    All you need is a strong and stable connection. You can use your laptop or smartphone, as long as you have a camera (should you choose to use it) and audio connection. We recommend you use headphones for a better audio experience. Your session takes place on the web app to ensure full safety and privacy and one single place for your mental health activities.
  • How do you verify your therapists?
    Wazi has a carefully selected community of therapists on its panel. Our Head of Therapy Operations specially selects the therapists through a rigorous process. 1. Therapists provide their CV and credentials for review by our Therapy and Operations team. 2. Selected therapists proceed through a multiple stage interview process with team members. 3. Therapists are asked to send all their certificates to be verified by our team. 4. Therapists are assessed on a continuous basis once they have joined the platform.
  • Is Wazi therapy safe and confidential?
    The platform is built for your safety. The information you provide to the platform is not shared with any third parties. Your conversation with any of our therapists is entirely private. Each of our therapists is ethically bound to keep your information confidential.
  • Can I see a therapist in person?
    Wazi therapy is purely digital. However, we would like to support you to connect with a therapist in person if that is what you feel you need. Please write to us at
  • How much does a session cost?
    A session costs KES 2500.
  • How long is a session?
    A session typically lasts between 50 minutes and one hour.
  • How do I pay for a session?
    You can pay for your session using a credit / debit card or by M-Pesa. Please note you have to pay in advance in order to confirm your session.
  • What is the cancellation / rescheduling policy?
    We know you have busy lives and plans change. We like to be flexible for you. If you wish to cancel your session, you can do so up to six hours before your session time. Just go to your booking confirmation and choose to cancel / reschedule your session. Sessions cancelled / rescheduled up to 6 hours to qualify for a refund. Those cancelled with less than 6 hours to the session are non-refundable, unless you have had an emergency. Should you have an emergency please email so that we can support you.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Refunds are made in the form of credit on your user account. Should you require a refund, please email and we will gladly help. Your account will be credited with the full amount.
  • What happens if I miss my session?
    If you do not attend your confirmed session within 15 minutes of the start time it will be considered a 'No show'. You will not receive a refund for the session. If you cancel or reschedule the session with less than 6 hours to the session time, it will also be considered a 'No show'. If your sessions are covered by your employer and you have two consecutive 'No shows', with no communication to Wazi, your account will be temporarily blocked. We ask that you to write to us at for it to be unblocked. If the session time you selected no longer works for you then please always remember that you must cancel or reschedule your session 6+ hours ahead of the session time. Thank you.
  • Can I be reimbursed by my insurance?
    If your medical care plan offered by the medical insurance company covers therapy you should be reimbursed. Our therapists will be able to sign the form for you. Please feel free to discuss it with your therapist. If you are having any issue regarding your insurance claims, please write to us at
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