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Mental health technology platform

Introducing an end-to-end tele-counseling platform, now available for white labeling.

Empowering NGOs, mental health groups, and healthcare companies to enhance mental health service accessibility and expand their reach. Together, let’s make mental health a priority for everyone, everywhere.

Our end-to-end telehealth and backend solution digitally connects clients to healthcare providers
Desktop tool.png
Backend tools for data visualization
  • Data management platform

  • Monitoring and evaluation support tools

  • Patient and practitioner management

Video Calling.png
Telecounseling platform
  • List and bios of therapists

  • Online bookings and management

  • Phone, audio, or video calls

SMS Tool.png
Suited for varying data connectivity
  • Online and offline tools (SMS)

  • Data collection platform

  • Telemedicine platform

We have helped NGOs and healthcare organizations digitize their mental health offering
Jamii Health Improvement Center

Our customized telecounseling application is connecting nurses in a Gender Based Violence clinic to girls needing mental health care in Western Kenya


Reliance HMO in Nigeria has connected our telecounseling platform to their insurance-backed healthcare offering to bring mental healthcare to their clients

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